Thorvald Hansen's tower in Byrum on the island Laesoe.

Built in 1926, 17 meter tall and made by hand made bricks by the former sailor, plumber and clog maker Thorvald Hansen.

Opening hours Pictures and essays The story of the unique Thorvald Hansen and how he created his legacy...

Pay a visit to Thorvald Hansen's tower on Læsø

Læsø offers a great variety of attractions - often related to the nature, gastronomy or culture. When it comes to constructions Læsø is famous for it's seaweed thatched houses dating several hundred years back - and now we also have Thorvald Hansen's tower situated on the middle of the island in Byrum. 

Do stop by for a visit. The admission fee is as modest as it was at the time when Thorvald Hansen himself ran the business.

The tower is situated on Thorvald Hansen's Road in the middle of Byrum - just behind the museum. Parking is possible nearby.

Opening hours are 24/7 - entrance fee is DKK 20 for adults and DKK 10 for children.